Saturday, August 25, 2012

The Nature of Today's Energy 8/25/2012: Fertility and Judgement

8/25/2012 Saturday:

Today will be about the Birthing of our idea and desires into reality, but the Hidden energy card states that it will take an awakening of our spirit to make it happen. What would that look like?
Two cards speaking about waking up and being born.
I know that with every idea that I put in motion causes me to grow.
Growing is about being born into a new thought and form.
I am given the choice to either make the same mistakes as I did the day before, or move forward and take a different route.
Here is the kicker...
What if the choices I make, whether I choose to repeat the same mistakes or take a different path, would lead me to my destination. The process is simply made up of details and time.
An example:
I am to catch a cold, sometime in my life, and it will cause my body to become immune to that certain virus. So here I go living my life. There is something that I do not like about sick people. I know that if I was to spend time around them, then I would get sick. So I have two either get the cold now or avoid it for as long as I can.
The primary thought one would think is try to avoid it as much as possible. For change is scary.  I would take all the precautions necessary by secluding myself from human touch, if any person seems sick, and also miss out on life. The other option is to touch every human being that is sick or healthy and take the chance of getting the cold in a few seconds or a few years.
What will you choose?
Destiny, in my own thought, is certain actions and experiences that we are to go through, whether it happens two minutes after we are born or whether we are two minutes from dying. They are the sign posts that will guide us. Destiny is change and growth.

Today will be about that change and growth coming into our life. Are you ready?
What if you got exactly what you wanted?
Would you accept it or deny it?
Birth can be associated with death. Birth is gift. You get to start over.
You get to start over every morning when you wake up and are faced with a new day.

Blessed Be.

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