Friday, August 24, 2012

The Nature of Today's Energy 8/24/2012: Spiritual Strength and Achieving the Goal

8/24/2012 Friday:

How long have I been holding out for that inner strength to come shinning through?
Well in the eyes of my Ego...a very long time.
Actually the Ego will be waiting forever, because it will not see how strong it truly is.
Just imagine all the energy that is used to make you stop the process of moving forward. All that energy just being used to push against the flow of energy.
Imagine what it would be like to simply go with the flow of energy. To go with the flow of Destiny and also to believe that all things work out in your favor....for they do.
I know that I simply have to recognize it.
How strong are you?
Some would say that you are weak in manner.
Others may think that you are strong as an Ox.
The real test here is how strong are you within?
Can you muster the test of time?
Can you hold strong within the test of holding to your morals?
Will you be sold out?
These are the real questions you have to ask yourself in times of danger.
I know that within me, there is so much strength that I am practically giving it away to others. Better I suffer than the person next to me, for I know I can get back up and create once again.
Others are left in the dust at times.
They sit there and stare off into the distance like a deer caught in headlights. What will you do?
There are two choices that are offered to you when you are in the face of danger:
Fight or Flight?
There is a third action that no one recognizes. It is not really a choice but a statement.
Stand still and let things take place.
A lot of us want to either fight the current flow of energy or run from it.
The real option that most mystics take is to stand within the energy and flow with the current options and circumstances that are being presented. Today is about the outcome of that statement.
To state I am here.
I live.
I am.

Blessed Be.

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