Wednesday, August 29, 2012

The Nature of Today's Energy 8/29/2012: Strength and Relationships

8/29/2012 Wednesday:

When I am faced with a decision, regarding a relationship, it is usually because I have put myself in that situation.
I challenge the growth and also where it will lead into the future.
One thing that I have noticed about relationships, is that they are there for a reason.
They aid us on our path. Kinda like a slingshot.
One can get stuck at certain times in their life and that relationship is what I like to refer to as a "Beautiful Disaster".
Some view a Disaster as a negative form of distruction. One sees the aftermath in the physical world as chaos and death, but a mystic will view the disaster as a blessing.
Disaster within our life can look scary or painful, but one thing is for sure; it will take place whether you like it or not.
This is how I view relationships within our life at this present time.
I view it as an accident that takes place in your life, but you come out without a scratch on you. In looking back at the accident you notice the point of impact and can state that you saw it coming. Within those brief seconds you could see what could happen, where it could lead to, and how it will eventually turn out. The disaster takes place and you thank Source for taking care of you.
You may be shaken up a little. Hell you may even feel like sleeping for a couple of months afterward, but one thing is are still alive.
Look at the relationships within your life this way. What disaster is happening right now?
Know that you will come out of it alive and ready to face the world once again.
The relationship will slingshot you in the right direction. Nudging you to move. To do something about it, and push forward to your next destination.

Funny, I always talk about your next destination, but never really advise you of what it is. That is because only Source and your spirit know where it will be and when it will take place. I only know that you are moving towards something wonderful.
Today is about having the inner strength to move forward with people you care about. To look at those within your life and ask:
What value have I placed on this relationship?

Blessed Be.

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