Thursday, August 30, 2012

The Nature of Today's Energy 8/30/2012: Inspiration and Disruption

8/30/2012 Thursday:

I know. I know. Inspiration and Disruption?
I thought the same question when I saw the two cards together as well.
What does this tell me?
Well, my first thoughts were about work. The information, that was downloaded from Source, was about having this wonderful opportunity to move forward will be dropped into my lap, and in turn be told to "Deal with it".
Disruption takes away what is not needed and destroys any obstacles set in your path...wait!
Yes, Kali destroys anything in your path that is an obstacle, which is usually your Ego, and pushes you forward.
No walls in front of you.
Just a decision.
What will I choose today?
How will I react?
I was born to grow and move.
To become something wonderful, rather than just ordinary.
Who wants to be normal?
I always turn to movies that speak to the audience about the outcast, who finds out later that they have great power within them. Hell, every comic book starts out this way. The hero always stumbles upon their power and in turn struggles with trying to fit in, because society can not deal with the process of being healed. Of being safe. Of right defeating wrong.
People are so use to seeing only the bad. The negative aspect of each person and in turn of one self.
So here is your destruction, disruption, and inspiration.
What will you do with this opportunity?
Remember that being normal and ordinary will only get you normal and ordinary. Why not try for extraordinary. You may find that extraordinary is the new pink.

Blessed Be.

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