Friday, August 3, 2012

The Nature of Today's Energy 8/3/2012

8/3/2012 Friday:

The Tower card and Seven of Swords.

Disruption creates the change that is needed in order for me to see clearly. When I tell those around me about how the Tower card works, I usually state to them that our body is made up of blocks. When I or we start to feel worry, doubt, or fear the blocks begin to shift leaving us unaligned.
So, when we think about what we truly are, such as perfect and joy and love, the blocks begin to slide back into place, and it leaves us in perfect alignment with our Divine Plan. We are connected.
Today will be about the destruction of lies and dishonesty. The truth will come out, whether it is through your mouth or others. Things will be stated and either it will alarm you or make you feel at ease. Remember that destruction is part of the process of things and like yesterday, will keep you occupied so that greatness can come through and be present.
Always remember that everything is happening for a reason and nothing in your life is unasked for. You create the environment. You create the responses. So change your thought and you will also see the Truth in a lie. Lies are simply our human side trying to survive within a feeling of insecurity.

Blessed Be.

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