Saturday, August 4, 2012

The Nature of Today's Energy 8/4/2012

8/4/2012 Saturday:

What am I looking for within this time of disruption?
I know I am looking for peace and love. I am looking for self worth.
What am I worthy of?
I am worthy of everything that is good within my life.
Sometimes I will look away from the answer.
I am scared of what could happen.
What if I allowed myself to love again?
Would I be happy?
Sometimes the act of love and the relationship I am in can cause me to run.
I run because the act of love will mean that I am worthy.
The hidden energy card is The Star.
This card usually is associated with the word "Hope". I have come to understand it as the word "Believe".
What is it that I believe in?
I believe that the answer to all your problems is found within. Sometimes we can turn away from Source and the constant knocking on the door. Source just wants to come in and make itself known. To be recognized.
I know I must recognize myself.
Recognize that there is nothing missing within my life. That good is always there and everything within your life is an answer. Sometimes we just need a little nudge from Source advising us that we do not have to look for anything.

Blessed Be.

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