Monday, August 6, 2012

The Nature of Today's Energy 8/6/2012

8/6/2012 Monday:

I plan on living somewhere nice and cool.
I plan on making the day turn out great.
I plan on living  my life with connection to Source.
I plan on being wonderful to everyone I come in contact with.
The card of the day is the Seven of Coins. This is about the path of planning and waitin. The Hidden energy card is the Wheel of Fortune. This is about sending out energy and getting it back.

So many things that I plan on doing today, but what if the planning was only the small part of this thing called life. I could plan everything out that I had to do, but what enjoyment comes from planning?
Planning can sometimes lead us to a path of Ego.
I know that when I plan something, destractions will enter into my environment and cause me to take a different course of action. I then become frustrated and that frustration leads to anger. I decide to simply give up on the process and in turn it brings me back to the beginning.
So, how do I stop this vicious cycle?

It is not about planning, but preparing. I always here people state "You should prepare for the worse to happen".
I say "Prepare for the good that will happen".
Be prepared for such greatness to enter into my life. Smile at the funniest things that happen during your adventure. Stop and take a moment to look at the scenery. Prepare for that wonderful Earthquake called Laughter. Prepare for that Tidal Wave called Love.
Seek shelter with someone you care for when that Hurricane called Abundance comes blowing in.
Dance in the center of that Tornado called Prosperity, when it comes twirling down your street.
A lot of the day is spent wondering...wondering how things will go wrong. Now, think about what will go right in your life. Think about what you would do if you were awarded a bonus on your next pay check, or received an all expense paid trip to your dream vacation spot. What if you prepare yourself for that person on the other end of the phone to simply work with you to complete your assignment?
What if?

Blessed Be.

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