Tuesday, August 7, 2012

The Nature of Today's Energy 8/7/2012

8/7/2012 Tuesday:

What am I trying to build?
The construction of a thought and path, can sometimes leave me feeling unappreciated and accepted.
I stumble more each day on the process, but during the stumble everything seems to make sense.
The information that is gathered during the fall can be eye opening, and also give me the answer that is needed. You see a detour is not really a detour, but a secret path made for certain few to travel on.
I take detours all the time.
Walking in a straight line can be boring and leave me feeling stagnent. So I can decide where the new path begins and the old one stops. Sometimes they bleed into each other, and this allows the Ego to smile.
This is where the Ego can step in and try to confuse us.

The card speaks to me about foundation within our life. It also is stating that we have to sometimes give, in order to get. What am I going to give?
The Law is constantly there bringing everything we ask for into existance. I have to understand the process of letting go of the desire, in order for it to manifest. If you crave love and wish it to be in your life, then understand that it is there and move forward. If you keep focusing on the item, then you have a chance of smothering the thought to death, with your attention. Know that the Law is at work and that you have asked for the certain item. It will come.
I know that I sometimes have to just simply allow and let be. I have to state to myself that there is always movement and change within my life. I must give it all over to Source.
The hard part is letting it go.

Blessed Be.

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