Saturday, September 1, 2012

The Nature of Today's Energy 9/1/2012: Ending of a Cycle and Temptation

9/1/2012 Saturday:

Sometimes the act of letting go of our Ego, or rather the thoughts that come into your mind stating you can not, is a challenge.
I know that I am so use to thinking in the negative, for it was all I knew when I was growing up.
You better be safe than sorry.
Prepare for the worst.
Be careful.
Think before you act.
That is bad.

These are the thoughts that still surface when I am walking on this path.

Are you sure you are comfortable with this decision?
Is that a wise choice?

Why is it when I move forward in my life, my ego presents itself through others words of wisdom?
They are only concerned.

I become frustrated with the fact that it is always darkest just before dawn.
This day will contain that dark.
Am I ready to move past it?
If I keep focused on the northern start, will I be taken to safety?

Of course I will be safe.
I am always safe, as long as I am within alignment with my Divine Plan.
Source is never gone, but the choices I make can cause me to believe Source has abandoned me.
I think of my niece Brittany Weeks.

As I write, my thoughts go to her and the state she is in. I know that sometimes those born with a gift can lose interest half way through the adventure. Some want to give up, thinking that the road will go on forever. Others travel forward breaking through the wall that their Ego has built.
I reach out to her with my prayers and words. I know that she is fine and that she will return with an open heart and filled soul.
Filled with love and joy.
Everyone is worthy of this.
Brittany has a spectacular gift of intuition, to heal, to manifest that which she wants. We all have this gift, but like some psychics, my family was born with a slight higher degree of intuition. We are not above others, but since there is a higher level of it, we accelerate faster with our gift, if we apply our energy to it.
She is simply struggling with her dark night of the soul. She is transitioning into a spiritual being. So, it causes light bringers to become frustrated with the world they live in. Some believe this is the Hermit card.
I call to her advising that the light is still found within. That light never went out. It glows brighter than before, she simply has to realize it.
Wake up!
wake reborn into a new light.
The Universe card talks about the ending of a cycle of temptation.
What is your temptation? Who is your temptation?
Why do you return to something that creates pain and hurt in your life?

Blessed Be.


  1. Because we want to beleive that all things are possible, and sometimes we forget that we are the possibility. That we have the power to resist the pain and hurt if we can just beleive in ourselves..lmc

  2. So very true. I am glad you stated this and can see the light within the possibility. Sometimes we are distracted and the Ego slips in with his lovely bag of tricks. Very insightful.