Friday, August 31, 2012

The Nature of Today's Energy 8/31/2012: Relationship and Hope

8/31/2012 Friday:

The energy will be about a reunion of some sort. Maybe an advancement of a relationship or a movement in a new direction with someone who you care about.

I am writing about the basics?

Okay, so yesterday was a horrible day. You know how I always state to you that one must find the good within the negative experience. Well, I was being put to the test yesterday regarding this issue.
I was complaining to Source regarding how no matter if I am positive or negative, I get the same results.
Sometimes I wish I could be oblivious to all this energy.
Sometimes I wish I didn't understand.
Sometimes I wish I was blind like some of the people in this world. Walking the walk and talking the talk of the lost.It is hard being a Mystic.

Sometimes I want to give up. Give up on working the process. Being the example. Sometimes I want to complain and live in the dumps, just so I can say, "Hey! I am just like you today. Let's relate and complain together."

What would that get me?
I would still be in the same place. At the same time. In the same moment.
I know I am playing the Victim. Complaining about how it is not fair. How nothing is going right. How I deserve more.
I need to understand that no one is stopping me. I am the creator of my dreams. I am the only one standing in my way.
I must have compassion for those around me. To let go of my Ego and know that everyone deserves a chance to do good. We all deserve a chance to get up and move.
Today the energy is about relationships in our life that we wish to see advance and grow. Who do you want to be close to?
Where do you want to spend your energy at?
Relationships are simply a reflection of who you are and what you would like to be. The characteristics of that person are within us. We simply have to acknowledge it.

Blessed Be.

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