Tuesday, October 16, 2012

The Nature of Today's Energy 10/16/2012: Partnership and Transformation

10/16/2012 Tuesday:

The cards speak of the partners and opportunities we create in our life. They sit there within our environment. They sit out side of our reality, waiting patiently to enter into our field of existence. Today talks about the things that are needed in order to move forward. They transform and mutate into something wonderful. Can you see it?
People turn from bad to good, from good to bad, and in the process they reveal their true nature. 
So what does one do?
They keep on moving. They keep on trying. No matter what, they bring to the game a new state of being. They throw the curve ball that leads you down a different path. 
The bump on the head is not always a bad thing. It can enlighten us into a new thought pattern. A thought pattern of good. 
What does the future hold?
Nothing, for it has not been written. The acts you perform at this moment in time, create the pattern in the future. Do you want to use the magnadoodle or the pencil and eraser. 
The pencil and eraser will always have you backtracking, trying to correct what was written. Trying to get it right. 
The magnadoodle allows you to spin and twirl to your next destination. It does not make sense in the beginning, but at the end it creates this wonderful design. A design of love. Pick your weapon of choice. Do you wish to always live in the past, or do you wish to live in the moment at hand? Spinning and twirling to your next destination. Moving in an unseen pattern fashion, stopping only at the end, sitting back, and looking at your new pattern of design. A design of Love. 

Blessed Be. 

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