Monday, October 15, 2012

The Nature of Today's Energy 10/15/2012: Deception and Faith

10/15/2012 Monday:

Who has been telling you a lie?
When will you understand that the lie is simply ones own outlook on life. 
What is a lie?
It is the words being spoken in order to achieve or deflect attention from another person. 
Do we all lie?
We tend to lie when there is something that we want hidden within the shadows. 
Why would we want to tell the Truth?
The truth can hurt. It can also propel us in a new direction. I would want someone to tell me the truth, because then I can make a decision on what I want to do with my life. Regardless of the fact, I should still keep on moving and understanding that there is good within my life. 
Wow. It just hit me. 
I should keep on making decisions based off of clarity, and not wait for an answer from someone, for that answer could turn out to be a lie. 
Deception is a funny game. You try to hide as much information as possible, until you goof up, and the truth comes out. What if the truth was the only possible answer? I am not stating to you that you have to blurt things out because you think it is the truth. I am stating that if you are asked a question, you must be honest and give the correct answer, which is truth. 
I have a feeling that you will be faced with many questions today. What are you willing to put up with?
What are you willing to sacrifice, in order to be spectacular?
To be the wonderful person that you were born to be. 
What are you willing to give up, in order to be healed?
I know that I am willing to give up everything in order to be happy. In order to be complete. In order to be whole. 
There is no other way. When you feel like you are being lied to, then maybe you are simply telling the lie to yourself. 
You are the only who is telling the lie. The lie that everything is okay, when it is not. 
Be honest with yourself and others will be honest with you as well. The truth will be the only thing left to state. The truth is all that will be given. 

Blessed Be. 

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