Friday, January 4, 2013

The Nature of Today's Energy 1/4/2013: Transformation and Growth

1/4/2013 Friday:

No cards needed today. I have not written an entry in a while. Today I decided to speak what was in my heart. The idea of growth and transformation.

Have you felt pain lately. The change is constant and in turn we grow at an accelerated rate. Some become healers, others become teachers, then there are those who become the person they were destined to be. Simply put, they learn to shine once more within Source.

No special power but the ability to speak, live, eat, and exist. The snow can not cover them. The sun can not outshine their light, and in turn the rain can not wash their existence away. Try to over throw them and their rightful place in line, and you may find yourself being pushed twenty feet back. Remember that change can be very painful, because we are leaving behind what is familiar. What if you only knew the bad?
The good would seem different and scary. There is good in your life right now. Recognize it.

Sometimes the path we choose to walk down will contain traps and snares of all kind.

I was joking with my love, Brian, the other night. He had colored pencils laying on the floor in a row, separated into groups of his liking.
I wanted to flirt and be funny, so I picked up one and chucked it across the room. I glared at him for a moment and he smiled. I picked up another one and chucked it across the room as well. Brian started to ask why I was doing that?
I picked up a third pencil and threw it. He did not get mad but was a little upset over the action I performed. I looked at him and decided to turn the action I performed into a life lesson.

I stated, "Sometimes Source can pick up things we have within our life and throw them across the room, state, or earth. But what we must remember (I began to pick them up one at a time), is that Source also gathers up what is needed and returns them to us at the exact moment we require them. Leaving us to put them back into place."

I was at first joking when I started the lesson, but soon found myself understanding what I was telling him. We cry over thrown colored pencils sometimes, but fail to see the other 36 sitting in a row. What if you only counted what was present. The good in your life at this time. Would you be happy with 36 wonderful gifts or cry over three that may have been taken away.

I know that you are stating to me, at this moment, that the three items were so precious. I state to you that no matter what, you keep on living. Your thoughts keep on rolling in your head. You work at a job. You search for the unknown again after you have grieved for what has passed. In the end, you do not stop existing. You will receive what is needed from Source. So do not worry. It only causes you to suffer.

Blessed Be.

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