Thursday, January 17, 2013

The Nature of Today's Energy 1/17/2013: Our Ego


Have you ever started a marathon with your shadow side and found out that you were running in circles. That your shadow side, or rather Ego, was simply running side by side with you. And the race all depended on where the Sun was shinning down and the time of day. Did you know that the at noon the Sun shines directly down on us, leaving us with a small shadow to race with?

Sometimes our shadow self is ahead of us, and we think "oh no they are winning, I better pick up the pace" and other times they are behind us, and we think "yay! I am ahead of my shadow self I should slow down".
Then we find that at times they disappear all together. We think to our self that we have won and we do not need to do anything, but run.

Tricky trickster. Why are we running? Why are you running?
I just advised you that your shadow can never be too far ahead of you nor too far behind, as well. It all depends on where the sun is shinning and the time of day.

You do know that I am speaking about a Sun that is within our spiritual reality, not our physical one?
The Sun always shines if we want it to, as well as there is always a cloud of depression pouring rain on us, if you like that sort of weather.

The Ego can be tricky. It can cause us to doubt everything we possess and the good within our life. It is the caution sign that shows up when there is nothing to be cautious about. It is the stop sign that reveals itself a mile after you ran right past it. Not a cop, but simply the acknowledgment of a stop sign. It causes you to doubt your driving technique, your observation, and your will. You already ran the stop sign, you are a mile away, and you are not being pulled over, so why are you worried?

Sometimes we have to break the rules of Law, or rather Universal Law, in order to understand them.
What rule are you breaking?
Are you thinking positive or negative?
Are you cultivating love or hate?
I wonder what the flowers of Hate would produce, probably a tumble weed flower.
Even in a tumbleweed flower there would be beauty.

I find myself upset with the road I am walking. How sacrifice can lead to more sacrifice, and the outlook that I am the only one giving up things that I love. Comfort, warmth, time, energy, and love. There are times when I feel depleted. Depleted of everything possible. Do you think Job felt this way? Yet Faith did not leave him.
Do you think Dorothy felt this way?
Yet she still carried on. She still had compassion of that which showed her only dislike.
What about the wicked witch of the west? Did she have to overcome obstacles in her life? Bitter old witch. Sometimes the nature of magick can turn sour. You produce so many spells and such that you want more. More can sometimes require you to sacrifice of yourself, for the power of a witch lays in their will.

Where is your Will?
Sometimes we have to turn within and speak of only silence. How do you speak silence. Simply put, you have to not speak. Even in your head. Not speak or think of that which you normally would think or speak about. What if you simply nodded. Nodded in agreement with what is going on. Acknowledge the present situation, even if it looks awful. Nod and smile.
Acceptance is our Ego's poison. It makes our Ego sick to it's stomach. Kind of like the egg that the Gnome King ate at the end of the movie "Return to OZ". An Egg. Simple yet effective.

Watch your Ego diminish in the Noon day sun and be quite.

Blessed Be.

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