Wednesday, January 16, 2013

The Nature of Today's Energy 1/16/2013: A Time of Healing


As I took a walk during my lunch break, I was thinking about why I stopped entering information on my Blog. I asked my spirit guide as to what may be next in my life. What is a person to do, when everything he has ever wanted in his lifetime has come true? What is next for a spiritual person when they have reached the end of one stage? Well, the real answer lies within our step. What if there was an equation that we could use to figure out just how much effort and energy was needed to create change, bypass the confusion stage, and break through into the next stage? I think it would go somewhat like this:

(the rate of your energy) + (the state of your emotion) - (the spirit you contain)
                                      the total number of pennies in your pocket

Such uncommon things that may have no effect on the speed of your love would have to be taken into consideration.
Doesn't make sense, right?
There is no equation that could possibly measure the time and effort that is needed to push through into the next stage. So, stop looking!
You have to take your first step, then another, and then another, until you have reached the edge of the world. When you reach the edge of the world, Jump!
You will be taken care of.
You will move forward in your adventure and begin the process all over again.
The energy you put out will be more than enough to break through.
Sometimes you just have to wait a bit, or not, in order to receive the tool that is needed to finish the project.
Then there are moments where you need to heal completely before you can move forward and create that change that will propel you in the right direction.
Even now I struggle with writing. I feel that I have nothing to say that is very passionate and moving. Even when I write in my journal it is about small things in my life. Pebbles thrown into the ocean.
Have you ever thrown a pebble into the ocean?
I am sure you were able to find it later in life, when you went looking for it. No?
Well, what do you think went wrong or rather what do you think went right?
You had to let go of the pebble in order to move forward. You didn't go home and stress that the pebble did not make it to it's destination. Then why do we do this with people and familiar places?
They are like that pebble. Sometimes we have to throw it, hope that it lands in a safe spot, and keep on moving.
What do you think?

Blessed Be.

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