Monday, January 21, 2013

The Nature of Today's Energy: Destiny on the Inside

Monday 1/21/2013:

I know...I know...I did not write during the weekend. I really had nothing to say, until I looked up at the Walgreen's sign and saw a little bird peeking out of the hole, in the letter "A". It probably had a little nest made up for his/her family. It touched my heart, because I related this to our spirit.

Sometimes our spirit peers out into the world, watching for danger or good fortune. With one eye looking around for our Divine path, it watches every so often. Then I went a little deeper and applied it to how things were. The old Aaron, when I was in love with those who did not love me. When I would attach myself to that which I could  not have. When I was blind at times to what was going on around me. That little bird, known as spirit, would poke it's head out and look around for that happiness. Sometimes the real Aaron would sneak out from amongst the neon lights, brick walls, and fiberglass, to say hello and reveal that I was still alive. That I was worthy.

Annie Lennox speaks of this feeling of free-ness in her song called "Little Bird".  Sometimes the bird needs to fall out of the nest, in order to recognize the tools that have been given. Sometimes we must fumble away, from that which is familiar, in order to appreciate what we have. Sometimes we must fall from the tree of life, in order to spread our wings and venture forward into our life.

Our mothers can only give us so much. They have made mistakes in their life as well. We must learn from their experience, but also understand that we have to fumble in the process of life, as well. We would not bet all of our life savings on that one stroke of good luck, only to find out being rich is not within our line of Destiny. We have to love with no boundaries, feel the pain of heartache, in order to understand that we are survivors in the battlefield of life.

How many scars do you have on your heart. Me? I have many. Sometimes the scars hurt and cause me to re-live a moment of shame, but in the end the little bird still sits in it's nest and advises me that I am forgiven.
What does your little bird state to you?
Does it sing a song of peace and happiness or a song of hope?

Blessed Be.

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