Thursday, January 24, 2013

The Nature of Today's Energy 1/24/2013: Inspiration


How do you know when inspiration is setting in to bring you to your next destination?
Simple, you have this feeling of anxiety and misplacement of small things within your soul. Kind of like a puzzle that is coming together. You can see the big picture, but you are trying to find those last few pieces to complete it.

I was watching "Sister Act" this morning and "Sister Act II", which I love both movies so very much, and Whoopi starts to tell Lauren Hill about how the book "Letters to a young Poet" changed her life. She explains that a young writer begins to write letters to a well known writer, and asks what he must do to become a great writer. The well known writer states that if all the young writer can think about when he wakes up in the morning is writing, then he is a writer.

What does this have to do with the energy of today. Inspiration is not about a simple act of Faith. It is more than that. Inspiration is the nagging feeling you get when you should be in a certain place, at a certain time, at a certain stage in your life. You should be there at that wonderful place called home at 12:00 pm, waiting for the cable guy to arrive. You should be working in the medical field. You should be going back to school and making something happen.

All of this is part of inspiration. It lingers, even with the major players in action, in the background of everything. It does not go away. We can use it anytime.

I am struggling with my healing abilities and what  my next plan of action should be. Should I take a class offered for Reiki, which is at a great price, even though I know how to heal with energy and have been attuned before. Should I go back for a refresher course?
Do I keep on learning through books and maybe start a practice? I found great books on healing with prana and also with crystals. I am a healer, a Tarot reader, and a mystic all in one. Maybe it is time to grow and shine.
How can you shine even brighter than before? What does the Sun do, when it already has reached it full maximum?

Experiments within Austin, TX. Maybe that should be my new subject to write about. How to clear and balance an entire bus full of people in about five minutes. How to un-attach yourself to the energy that others are giving off.

Subjects like this enter into my mind through spirit, not through body. I crave to meet my tribe. To meet my teachers. To meet my students. To meet my equals. I know they are there. I think it is the first step that is the hardest to take. The first initial take off. Kind of like a roller coaster. The climb is the scariest part of the ride. The slow clicking motion that takes place as you know the drop is about to happen. The pause before the great motion of life.

If your life was a roller coaster, what would it be called?

I would call my roller coaster "Aura Spark". I have always been drawn to this thought, this name. How an Aura can create sparks. Kind of like Jubilee from the X-Men.

Blessed Be.

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