Wednesday, March 20, 2013

The Nature of Today's Energy 3.20.13: Balancing Act

Wednesday 3.20.13:

The day brings in a new light. Light that must contain shadow in order to exist. A piece of the unknown must sit within every tear drop. Within every raindrop. Even now as I sit here, I wish to not write anymore. My love for the energy of the day and how Source touches each and every one of us, is leaving my field of existence.

I am unhappy at this very moment and time. I am upset at this very moment and time, because I am resisting the change I am asking for. What if I let it all go? Let the energy flow. What would happen?

Well, I would get everything I asked for, and in turn be happy. The flow of energy is never set to push against us.

A balancing act can either be negative or positive. One must always look at the items and decide which is most important right now in your life. If you are juggling four items in your hands at this time; relationship, work, hobby, and school, and you find that you can not juggle all four, then one must decide what is most important in their life. Place one, two, or three items to the side, and keep on juggling.

Or you could simply drop all of them on the floor, see which one bounces back, and keep on walking.

Frankly, I like the second experience the best.

One has to remember that stress is a form of measure that helps you decide what is important and what can wait. Waiting is not a bad thing. Actually making a decision on whether to attend a particular school setting or work in a particular career is not a bad thing as well. Sometimes we have to decide that being a postal worker is not part of our profession anymore. We can change our mind and decision mid thought, creating a whole new pattern of positive energy, and we move forward.

What is important to you?

I want to discuss my thought on going back to school and finding the right one. I love attending lectures, community college, and discussing things with teachers. I love participation, but school was just not fitting into my schedule. So, I decided to attend an online University. I am starting to find out that I do not like the way the program is run. That is why I was so upset yesterday. I am tired of being told that you can not move forward unless this class is taken, for this specific field of expertise. Well, at a community college you have a lot of classes to choose from and your associates degree can be in anything from astronomy to holistic health. There must be a major, but you can place emphasis on classes that other private technical schools do not have. My mind is made up. I am here in Austin for a reason. The community college is right down the street. We do live in an age of technology, but it is to aid us on our journey, rather than narrow and define it. Technology is a tool, not the final word.

No one can advise you that if you drop an item from your juggling act, that you will fail, and in turn not receive what is good. If they tell you that, then they are living a life of negative thought. Did you know that everything happens for a reason. Everything you decide to do contains thought and reason behind it. Source is always gently nudging you in the right direction, but there are times when Source will surely shove you off a cliff, so that you will fall magically into place with your Divine Plan. It may be scary but decisions are born to create that fear of the unknown.

You can only juggle one item at this time and life would still go one. Most jugglers, first start out with only two balls, and in turn practice until they are able to add a third and fourth, and so on. They do not automatically pick up seven balls and begin to juggle. That is why certain gifts are called "An Art". You have to master it. You have to drop a lot of items and make mistakes, in order to understand how to perform it properly. How to perform it with your best effort.

I think that sometimes we get frustrated that others are not recognizing just how well I can perform a task and just how much effort it takes to keep things in motion. Others would simply just state "Oh well it will get done later" and in the process, create more of a mess. Then they hand it back to me to fix. To fix!?

You fix it!

Do not think you can set foot into a spiritual pool, without first learning how to swim in it. That message comes up at the end of the week. Learning how to swim with no spiritual floaters.

Juggle what you can, drop what is not needed, and move on. You can always pick up where you left off,  later in life. Who knows, I can be a scholar at 54 and still receive the same great education that I would have gotten at 24. Or I could die and be reborn as a scholar in the future. My spirit is endless, and so is yours.

People always state that "Rome was not built in a day".
Let us look at your body as temple. It has all the many rooms to worship in. It contains all the tools and people to keep it running. So do you think that your body stops growing or evolving?
So why are we so hard on our self?
Let me change the statement above to " Your temple was not built in a day". Let it go and make a decision to put something down, so you can master your new art of a "Balancing Act".

Blessed Be.

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