Monday, April 15, 2013

The Nature of Today's Energy 4.15.13: Abundance

Monday 4.15.13:

The energy will be about prosperity. Female energy. The abundance of things. The Empress card sits in the position of Turtle/Earth. The basis of the question. The card that influences the rest of the week. 
The hidden energy card is The Tower. Destruction of that which we have built our life on. Moral belief and the changing of thought patterns. Everything must be broken down into smaller elements in order to find knowledge. 
Remember that I relate the Tower card to the song "Break it down again" by Tears for Fears. 

The Empress is a different card. A person strives to be like the empress, full of hope, full of love, and in turn they find that through creation, a birth of life and knowledge must take place. A change must happen, in order to receive the good. The bad must take place in order for the good to be recognized. This is taught within every religion. Through pain we find grace. Through pain we find peace. Through death we find life. The wheel is constantly turning. Up and down. Left and right. 
A circular motion of death and life. 
All humans must be reborn, to learn the next lesson, set before them. 

Sometimes I ask for abundance of things that I think will make me happy. Abundance of more time. Abundance of more food. Abundance of material items. Abundance of more sleep. 

Would this make me happy?
No. I would simply want more of it. 

I must learn to accept that which is being given. Maybe there is a reason why there is so much work on my desk. Maybe there is a reason as to why I have an abundance of Oranges, rather than apples. Maybe there is a reason to the abundance of dust bunnies under my bed. 

I also must think that the reason must be of good. 
Abundance is everywhere that you look. You have enough food, for you are not starving. You have enough air to breathe, for you are not suffocating. There is enough money in your life, for you are not homeless. 

Small things of lust and desire have a way of creeping into our hearts. I have to remind myself that there is always more than enough. That there is always a solution. There is always a way to make things happen. 

Maybe the card is speaking about the abundance of energy in our life. The abundance of love. Sometimes that is all we need to create what is needed. Sometimes that is all we need to survive. The path is always going to have a mountain that we must climb. I like to look at abundance as the rope we use to carry us to safety. What if the rope is already laid out for us to use, but since we are sometimes blind to what is in front of us, we want to make it a challenge and climb the mountain with our bare hands. Others use the rope set before them and we look at them in anger, for we do not see our rope. Where is our rope, that we are to have, to make this journey easier? 

You would probably find me on the side of the mountain gripping for dear life with one hand, and shaking the other towards the sky. Towards Source. You would probably laugh, because you can see the rope that is in front of me, Source can see it as well, but I am choosing to be blind. Abundance can be tricky. Too much rock, not enough rope. 

We must learn to change our thought. Too much rope, not enough rock. Find the happy balance between the two. Either way you will be faced with a challenge that must be approached with great compassion. 

Blessed Be. 

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