Thursday, April 18, 2013

The Nature of Today's Energy 4.18.13: New Beginning

Thursday 4.18.13:

The energy of today will be about The Fool. New Beginning. A new adventure. Taking a chance without knowing what the outcome will be. Good or bad circumstances are created with every choice. 

The Fool card, to me, means leading with your mind and perception of that which is before you, where as the Hanged Man means leading with your heart and having Faith. We start out with a single step on our journey, into the unknown, and walk with the absence of direction. All we know at this very moment, is that we should be moving. 

The Fool sits in the position of Crow/Spirit. I long for something new. I long to return to what I know best, the Tarot. I desire to move forward with my spiritual journey.I have been reading Tarot cards and reading books, since I was 13 and now I am 36. I have had clients and have done party readings. Group readings and two hour sessions. I have tried just using my Tarot cards as a compass and also using my intuition and psychic ability to receive information. I have formed a relationship with my spirit guide, who I cherish and give thanks to everyday. I found that I can do a reading through email, absence of the client in front of me. I have a niche for it. I have developed my ability and my thought patterns, so that I understand that information is all around me, and I simply have to fish through it. What is next? I want to develop my healing abilities. I want to learn, but the big question is "who do I want to learn from?"

Who will I give my energy, money, and time to? Who will aid me the most? 

This has been on my mind, since I moved to Austin, and now I am ready to search and find that which is needed. The hidden energy card is The Sun. I always associate this card with finding your way home. The path becomes clear. Maybe I will find exactly what I am looking for? Or maybe I already have and now it is time to make a decision. 

What will the energy be like today? It will contain the energy that is needed to take your first step, in a new direction.
I will use the example of jay walking. I know, I know, it is a crime to jay walk, but I have always had this fear of doing it. Not because the law states it is wrong, but because you can die! Ahhhhh!
My partner and most of my friends are dare devils and seem to think that it is more reasonable to jay walk and get to the destination a little faster, rather than take the long way around. 
So, one day I was walking with my partner to the store. He does not trust Texas drivers and would rather jay walk than use the crosswalk, because he thinks that the cars at the cross walk will run us over. I know it sounds a bit crazy, but that is why I love him. I decided to try his method and route on this day. I found that I was out of my comfort zone. Most of the people I know will either be behind you or in front of you, and when they feel good and ready, they will cross. Half way crossed, they will look at you and say "Let's go!". This has left me traumatized and since I trust my instinct a little more than others around me, I decided to listen to my inner voice. My partner, Brian, decided to pull that trick on me and I stated "No!". I told him that it seems safer to cross a little further up. Normally I would just follow and run, with much fear in my heart, across the street at the very last minute. This time I took hold of the reigns and walked a little further up, where there were no cars in sight and it was not close to the busiest part of the street. I decided to follow my inner voice and be safe, rather than just do it because it seems like a good time. 

That inner voice is your companion that everyone refers to as the dog within the Tarot Card picture. Do we always listen? Nope. Do we always get it right? Nope. Then again, without mistakes, a lesson would not have been learned. 
When I see the Fool card, I think of the feeling associated with jay walking and how, if you ever have to do it, then you know that you must sometimes believe in the unknown, listen to your inner voice, and run!

Today you will be filled with this kind of energy. The anticipation of something wonderful or something scary, looming in the air, and you will have to leap. Will there be water at the bottom of your fall? Will there be a mattress or trampoline?
Source is the only one that knows. The thing you must keep in mind, is that you will arrive at your destination with everything that is needed. Sometimes, on our spiritual journey, we have to jay walk, to get to the other side. Sometimes we have to jump off a cliff, in order to move to a new time and space. One thing is for sure. The leap you take today will lead to greatness, according to the Sun Card. It will lead you one step closer to your home. Your center. 

Blessed Be. 

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