Monday, April 22, 2013

The Nature of Today's Energy 4.22.13: Hope

Monday 4.22.13:

The card that will influence the energy for the rest of the week is #17 Hope. It sits in the position of Turtle/Earth. The Hidden energy card is Temperance. 

Breaking free from the item that holds us back, can be very frightening. Humans are creatures of habit, and at times, they return to that which is familiar. 

Do we venture out into the unknown and possibly succeed? Or stay in one spot and complain about how it hurts? 

Hope is a single beam of light. A ray of sun. It shines in one direction and can penetrate any issue or problem. The issue that one might have, is that, are they ready to see what hope can manifest in their life. 

If a person is ready to see the hope, set before them, then it takes on a new form and instead of being a single beam of light, it turns into many. Threads of time and space, cast out into the sea of existence. Anchoring our dreams and connecting us to the all knowing. The all powerful. It allows us to tap into the heartbeat of the Universe. It allows us to connect to Sister Turtle. 

Temperance is the hidden energy card, which tells me that through pain comes peace. A healing takes place. Maybe it is a healing of the heart, ego, or spirit. Either way, a person will soon figure out that balance of the energies around them is needed, in order to move forward. You must recognize the shadow part of a situation, in order to see the light. One must try to understand what is around them. Hope is setting the mood. Hope is setting the stage. 
What are you hoping for?

When I think of the word "hope", I picture myself standing around, looking at the sky, stating to Source "I am ready."

I can confuse hope for selfishness. I desire, so I should receive. 
Hope is about finding the strength to simply exist. In that moment of existence, everything that is needed will be given to us. 

Want to know what I hope for?
My heart hopes for the strength to decide on my next adventure. The strength to understand why Source has brought me here to this place and time. 
Did you know that even a Mystic person gets the blues? Oh ya, I find myself in states of confusion at times, due to the fact that the signs and symbols around me are not making sense. A blue ribbon mixed with the squirrel? What?! 
Oh source if you are playing a huge joke on me...?

Source does not require us to understand every sign that is given. We require the element of surprise to take place, and from a person who is part OCD, the element of surprise scares the living daylights out of me. 

I like things to be structured and to fall into place.
Life was not meant to be cookie cut and precise. Sometimes the detour must be taken, in order to understand why the choice was made, in the first place. 
To go left when you were advised to go right. Pitfall...oops. Well got to try again. Maybe this time I will not break a spiritual bone. 

Hope gives us the ability to keep moving, after we have bruised our soul. Sometimes mistakes need to be made on purpose, in order to understand the nature of who and what we are. 

Blessed Be. 

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