Tuesday, April 30, 2013

The Nature of Today's Energy 4.30.13: The Lover

Tuesday 4.30.13:

Court Cards...Blah! 
My mantra for when I pull a court card should be "Oh Crap..."
Actually, that would not help me at all. I am only kidding. I have learned that when a court card comes up, there are some questions that need to be asked. Mainly me asking my spirit guide "What, who, and where in the heck is this card referring to?"

She simply smiles at times. She understands that as human; frustration is part of our everyday vocabulary. 

I know that in the coming days, there are a few court cards making their presence known, and I have meditated, coming to the conclusion that they are an energy that I/we will have to take on. 

Now, I begin with the King of Swords. I was taught that the archetype for this card is the Lover. Astrological sign, to me, is the Libra. My dearest friend Shaun is a Libra and he lives it to the fullest. Or rather to me, he lives it to the fullest. One must always leave their words open to many interpretations. To state that something is concrete and set in stone, can lead you to many talks of disagreement. Is that a bad thing? 
Nope. For everyone has a given right to form an opinion and thought. It is up to us, on whether we wish to amuse them and disagree back, or find the truth within the statement being made. 

Wow. Today will be about communication. 
The hidden energy card is Death. Transformation. 

I know that I must be very fair with the people that I will come in contact with today. Fair in regards to listening to both sides of the story and making a decision based off of clarity, rather than emotion or bias opinion. 

There must still be a sense of compassion mixed in with that fairness. The scales must balance on both sides. One containing the lie and the other containing the truth. What if they were always balanced, only becoming unbalanced when we decide to place false emotions (or rather a bunch of crap) on either side of the scale. 
For even a lie, can be true, to the person who is stating it. That is another subject, for another time and place. 

This is true. A thought is created and born. Life takes place. The reality is stirred with great intent and passion. Then after the experience has been experienced, the dream dies. A new one is formed and shaped and the process begins again. 

So, what am I getting at? 
Well, I have to look at the card to understand. To receive a message. 

We must have a clear mind, when entering into a meeting today. We must cut through the storm. 
I once knew a Curiendera who could stop a hurricane and tornado with an axe. splitting it into two and causing the energy and momentum to go elsewhere.
I miss my healing arts teacher. Even though there was a language barrier, the energy and thoughts, were understood. 

This is how I view the King of Swords. Clarity is your weapon. Truth is the point at the end of your sword. As a matter of fact, you do not even have to swing your sword. Standing your ground and holding up your sword of truth (or for Wonder Woman fans, a lasso of truth) will create that energy of balance and fairness. 
If you have to strike, and I know that there are times when we must, then understand that you do it with wisdom, rather than emotion. 
Kind of like a power move in a video game. You use the sword filled with energy to push your opponent back. Kind of like a stun move. Giving you a few seconds to tap on your buttons, going ape shit crazy with a 10 hit combo move. Sweet! geek side wanted to be present.

This day will test your patience. Will test who you are. Remember Inner Strength is setting the stage.  
What power talisman will you refer to, when things get a little tough? I always state, that they are only words. You can always walk away and do something new. No one says you have to sit there and listen to the person talking. As a matter of fact, you have every right to punch him in the nose, but that will only get you into trouble. Compassion and Clarity. You could turn the other cheek, with fist clenched, praying that the person will slap you again. Or not...the choice is yours. I know that I will be thinking of this in my head, but I return to that which true. Love does soothe the wildest beast. Even our Ego can be tamed with one stroke of compassion. 

Blessed Be.  

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