Sunday, May 12, 2013

The Nature of Today's Energy 5.12.13: The Overseer

Sunday 5.12.13:

The card of the day is the Knight of Coins. The Hidden energy card is Temperance.

The time of healing is still taking place. Our body is in much need of rest and relaxation. It is downloading great and wonderful information from Source. I have heard of healers using pure white light to displace the soul within a person's body, that is trying to stop the healing from taking effect. Or the energy that is being given is leaving the body at an accelerated rate, and the healer can not keep up, so they displace the soul for a few seconds in order for the healing to take effect. Sometimes we need to be out of commission, in order to have something in our life be healed. In order to have peace be placed within our heart.

The Knight, to me, means raw and powerful energy that is untapped. It moves forward but there is no thought or rhyme to the power being produced. It is raw in nature. The Novice.

I always view the Knight as a young apprentice in magic, learning about that certain element. This is Earth.

Earthquakes are raw and untapped energy. They happen, whenever it feels like happening, and can not be stopped, once released. A novice in the school of magic, first learns that basic spells associated with Earth. To heal. To produce and cultivate love. They do not learn the shadow side of Earth. The taboo of controlling your enemies with cemetary dirt, or rather goofer dust, in the Hoodoo belief system. Very interesting information. A Novice would not understand the power that a spell has. The energy is neither good nor bad. The intent behind it, is what may corrupt it.

I do not have much to say on this card. I do not have much to say for the energy of today. I am still getting over the sickness that I had this weekend. I am still wanting to sleep and rest. Maybe that is the true meaning of the card. Time management of my health. Earth can be related to the human body. Where do I need structure? Where do I need balance? 

Maybe this is a time of understanding? A time to get things in order?

Blessed Be. 

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