Monday, May 13, 2013

The Nature of Today's Energy 5.13.13: Intuition

Monday 5.13.13:

I am back and feeling better. I am back in the swing of things, or so I feel like it. My body is still working through the harsh virus that always takes place, when my gift manifests and takes on a new level of power. 

Believe me, it is not as fun as it sounds.
I was talking with Brian the other day and I asked, "Why are great healers so old and their power does not come into true fruition until they are an elder?(I think of old as the age of 40, which is not even close to being old. I know, I know, shoot me later, but hey in gay years that is like 99!!)

Brian stated, "Well, they need the experience. They need to go through life and become aware of the items that need to be healed."

I shouted, "Why can't they be young and be powerful?"

He replied, "If they are young, then they will die early. All that power and knowledge. The body can not handle it."

It made perfect sense to me. Some may disagree, others may agree. It does not matter. I know that I must wait and be patient with the information I receive. I must accept my state of sickness. My state of dis-comfort. My state of dis-ease. They are only periods of time, for which I will receive information from Source on how to heal that certain type of energy. It is all energy. 

Today, is about our Intuition. The hidden energy card is The Devil. Our Ego. 

Sometimes we stand in front of that state of perfection, that we were born to be. Perfection is not to be related with the act of no blemish or mark, but the act of being accepting of that which is. To release our hold on material things and be within alignment of our Divine path. Do you know what your Divine path looks like? 

We all have some sort of idea. It reveals itself to us when we long to do something new. Something that is part of our mundane, but means so much to us, when the act is performed. For me it is the act of healing, using tarot to receive information for my clients, and being able to aid others on their spiritual journey. Without this act of spiritual practice, my life would be drab and blue. I would long for something more. Some insane adventure. I would leave the place where I dwell and search. Leave work. Leave people. Leave that which I love and simply look for that hidden part of me, that yearns to be discovered. I use to live my life in this manner, when I was young, and found out too quick that I was not accepting my Divine Path of a healer. I was not listening to my inner intuition. It was advising me that my life was needing a change. A change that required me to really take a look at who I was, where I was going, and what I needed to eliminate (reference to the Devil card and Chains. *hmph *hmph)

Subtle choice and chances take hold of our life. We eliminate that which is good and produce that which is bad. We sometimes get caught up in the ramble and rumble of the thunder on the outside, that it overpowers the ramble and a rumble of the greatest storm taking place, on the inside. 

Sometimes our inner voice is small and meek. It simply states "That is not the way you should be going..."
We do not listen because the clanking of chains, that is happening, as we take on a greater load than we should be. 

I can imagine just what I would state to my inner voice, as I pull the huge boulder up a large hill, "I know..I got this...don't worry."

It would be so much simpler to just agree and release the chain around my neck and go in the direction I am being advised to travel. Easy right?

Back to being sick. I have learned that my body must catch up with my spirit and sometimes it has to take a day of full on sleep, in order to shut down my entire state of being, that way I can allow the spiritual information to be downloaded completely, rather than in bits and fragments. 

I received a lot of great information while asleep. Many dreams, talks with my spirit guide, and a the entering of a new teacher. I have to figure out what this all means and move forward, but I know that it will have to do with the healing arts. Did it have to come to this measure of sickness? I think so. I stopped scheduling a time for my meditation practice and this is how I received most of my information. So, the spirits had to accomplish this in a different fashion. By knocking me out for a day or two and advising me of what needs to be done. It was not pleasant, but I knew I would get through it. 

Blessed Be. 

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