Friday, May 31, 2013

The Nature of Today's Energy 5.31.13: Recognizing what is Unseen

Friday 5.31.13:

The card of the day is the Five of Coins. The hidden energy card is the Devil. 
The cards sit in a position of Balance = Elemental Kingdom. 

Sometimes we wish to see the answer standing in front of us, jumping up and down, and stating "Here I am!"

What would life be like if all our questions were verified by a quick raising of the hand, from Source, and a scream that states "I am the one. No need to look any further. Pick me up and take me home. "

How easy it would be. 

If that happened, then we would not know pain or change. We would lose the lesson that needed to be learned. The lesson of humility. The lesson of Grief. The lesson of love. Yes, even love can hurt and cause pain. Our lives are always changing and free will has to be part of it. Free will can cause us to be left out in the rain. 

Like so many Tarot cards, we see people sitting outside of a church, and looking for shelter from the snow that is falling. From the cold that is nipping at their skin. They know that shelter is in front of them, but because it is a church, they think that they have to conform in order to receive. 
Receive what?
Compassion? Safety? 

The church means so much more. It represents Source. It represents Truth. 
Now, before you get your panties in a twist, I am not speaking about Catholicism, Christian, nor any sort of religion that condemns. I am speaking about the Whole. That wonderful Source we call "the Supreme". The collective thoughts of everyone. We are connected in every way. The church represents our Soul. Our spirit. It is our place of peace. Sometimes we turn away from that Truth. 
The knowledge of "we are love. we are peace. we are perfect."

What is happening within, also happens on the outside. 

Are you not wanting to see the Truth? Are you not wanting to take shelter within a place of peace, because you think that you will be turned away? Maybe the thought of "I will have to conform" is entering into your mind, and this is keeping you from receiving love. 

Our Ego can get in the way. Our Ego keeps us in the cold. Winter will surely be bad. We sometimes think that "The church (Source) will surely turn away a person who has sinned". The statements are false. Our Ego creates walls and harsh weather to push us off course. It makes us think that we should be bit by a snack, if we are to lay with one. Then again, who states that we must lay with snakes?

We are always welcome in the church of Source. No judgement. No conforming. No change in who we are and what we are to become. Dirty, filthy, and trembling, Source takes us in and welcomes every bit of us. Kisses the fingers that are freezing. Gives us what is needed, in order to move forward on our Journey. It does not mean that we have to stay within the temple walls forever. 
Eventually we will itch for an adventure to take place. We will want to explore. Source understands that we must seek our own true nature. To experience what it means to live within the light and maintain our flame in the darkest night. Recognize your truth. That you are deserving of only good. Of only greatness. 

Blessed Be. 

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