Wednesday, July 3, 2013

The Nature of Today's Energy 7.3.13: The Sour Will Turn Sweet

Wednesday 7.3.13:

The card of the day is the Two of Cups. The hidden energy card is the Tower. The position the card sits in is Daydream = imagination, allow the mind to wonder, and quiet time. 

The forward movement of a relationship is about to take place. Walls will be broken down and the judgement will be eliminated. All things will be brought into the light. What would life be like if all of the relationships in our life, were to simply move past the obstacle, and become healthy?

Would you begin to value them more?

The Two of Cups deals with Spiritual Unity. The coming together of two forces. Bringing harmony into reality. 

Sometimes we find this balance with friends, family, and co-workers. This could also mean that you find someone who is of like mind. Someone who understands what you are going through. They have been there and will be able to aid you on your spiritual journey. 

The Tower speaks of disruption. It can be hard to pull yourself together, after you have exploded all over the place, and caused a scene. 

We become out of focus. The picture is blurred. 
The moment is lost. The memory can not be captured. 

The cards for the day can also be related to the relationship with our inner self. With the inner child that we have within us. The abandoned spirit that screams when a person leaves our field of existence. 

I am dealing with pain at this moment. Pain in my heel that is sore. I always state to Brian that I must rest and not do anything, but really I feel guilty half way through the day, and begin to clean. What can I say. I am BORED!

Staying home and not being able to look for a job at this present moment, really takes a toll on my spirit. I am use to working. I am use to doing. 

So, I decided to devote more time to my entries. I decided to devote my time to craft items that I never finished. Scarfs are being knitted and crocheted! Zentangles are being manifested!

There is so much to do. So much raw talent within my life, but since it is not making me money, I feel like it is not significant. That it does not matter. 

Let me change my thought pattern. What if by practicing or completing a task that seems small, will lead me to something spectacular. The Details are to be enjoyed. There may be destruction happening all around but it will soon pass. If you stay calm, and keep on moving forward, then all things will work out in your favor. Do not be afraid. 

Sometimes we have to be quiet and silent within your own state of existence. The silence will eliminate all unwanted negative thoughts. It will cause us to change our way of thinking. The positive will be seen. Source will be heard. 

Are you ready to listen?

This is something bigger. This is related to something grander. The spiritual union can start within but eventually it must be reflected outward. Reflected on those around us. If you are balanced, then the world becomes balanced. With small measures of love, you can change the world. Has anyone advised you of this great method of existence?

The process is of joy. The process is of change. 
If we were to come together with like minded people, moving forward with positive thought, then we can change the outcome of any situation. The shift would be small. It may go unnoticed. It may seem like a negative, but with every word spoken, and persistent step, that negative will turn positive. The sour will turn sweet.  

Do not give up hope. Speak your mind and speak the Truth. 
It may seem like one voice. It may seem like you are the only one shaking your fist, so that change will take place, but at least one person is speaking up. 
Sometimes we have to be the first wave of existence to strike the shore, in order to cause a chain reaction of power, to move forward with good. 

Blessed Be. 

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