Thursday, May 29, 2014

The Nature of Today's Energy 5/30/2014: Open Up Your Heart To The Message Of Love

I want you to open up your heart to your spirit guide and listen. I want you to ask your guardian angel to speak up. Ask them for more information. Ask them for a sign. 

Once this is done, stand still, and take note. 

They are constantly talking to us. They are sending us messages of love, of inspiration. Can you hear it?

They are telling you to move forward. They are stating "it is time!"
It is always time. It is time to get going and make something happen. What are you waiting for?

Open up your heart to the possibility of love. 
Open up your heart to the possibility of inspiration. 
Open up your heart to the possibility of prosperity. 

It is there. Hidden within the hurt and pain. 
You are not alone. 

They are telling you that you have Source on your side. My spirit guide wants me to talk about where I am at within my spiritual journey. 

I have a wonderful relationship with a great person. I love my job (at this moment). I am thankful for the prosperity that is here, right now. Yet, I still return to my old doubts and fear. For a brief second I return to what I am lacking. 
For a brief second I doubt the perfection within myself. Then I begin to listen to my spirit guide and she states, "Do not worry. You are worthy of only good. You are a great person. You are wonderful". 
I pull myself out of the negative thought process and into the positive. 

Today is about the language of love. Think of love. Be love. 
Treat others with the same respect that you treat yourself with. Examine that thought. How do you treat your current self? 
Maybe you should start at the beginning. 

Start with sending a little bit of that energy we talked about yesterday to your self. Fill it with love and send it your way. 

This is the message of the day. Love yourself and then open up your heart to the greatness that is all around you. 

Blessed Be. 

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