Sunday, June 8, 2014

The Nature of Today's Energy 6/8/2014: A Fresh Start

Silly little heart. A fresh start. A new week is upon us. What does Source have in store for us?

It will be great. It will be wonderful.
The start of something new. A new week. 
The energy of today is about play time. A journey. The ability to stand your ground and say "Yes" or "No". 

The journey will be long and filled with many pot holes. There will always be a couple of flat tires. An oil change. A tune up. The road will be filled with detours and U-turns. What I want you to take with you into the new week, is that with every step that is taken, brings in a new way of thinking. That way of thinking should be in a positive nature. I have not decided if I am going to write an entry for the entire week or daily. I am going on vacation on Thursday. I may not have time to write something on those days. We shall see. What will take place is that Source will allow me to get the information that is being received to the people that need it. 

The week ahead will fill our days with a little bit of worry. A little bit of doubt. Small conflicts within our mind. Know that you will move past this. The cards are saying so. A great time of healing is taking place. It seems that every year contains the process of healing. The sins of the past are cast away and everything is made anew. 

Blessed Be.

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