Monday, September 12, 2011

The Nature of Today's Energy 9/12/11

  The Four of Wands.
This is about foundation. What have you built on your land? Did you build a house with moral and intent? Did you build a forest with tall trees and flowers? Did you build a lake with water life and ducks?
In anything that you build you must first start out with the foundation. People think that this is the cement block that anything is built on, or the material that the place is made up of. The Foundation is the plan. The foundation is the thought, the idea, the story. The foundation is the process in which you got there. All of the experiences and heartache you went through to achieve this goal. The hard work and friendships you developed along the way is the foundation. Now celebrate with that community. Celebrate the process and where it has taken you. Just Celebrate.

  All the relationships in my life have worth and value.

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