Tuesday, September 13, 2011

The Nature of Today's Energy 9/13/11

   The Queen of Swords.
I turn to my spirit guide regarding this Court Card....

Me: Is this a person or a characteristic that we must take on?
SP: This is a person.

Me: Should we look out for them? Are they a threat to us or are they going to help us?
SP: They are going to propel you into a different direction. A direction of hope and abundance. This person will lead you to your next sign post. The question you should be asking me is "What comes next?". For Love will enter into the picture. Love from another person. Love from a stranger. Love from your mother. This love will change your outlook on life and what you are doing. That is why the lesson card has been "The Lovers". What do you require in this life my child of light? What do you need? What should you hold onto?
You sometimes cling to things from the past. Let them go. Let them all take place and in the process let the waves crash and break. Let them push you to the ground at times. Let them wash over you and make you clean again. Please my child of light, move forward from this struggle with who you want to be and who you really are. Be the wonderful and great person you were born to be. Be you....

Me: Such insight Spirit Guide. The Queen of Swords can come across as cold. So are we going to know this
       person right off the bat because of the coldness?
SP: They will show only kindness. It is the person who will recieve it as cold, because their words will contain truth. Are you afraid of the truth? Are you afraid to love yourself? Love is truth and you should understand that it comes everyday in different shapes and sizes. Find Love tomorrow in that person. Let their love speak with great silence.

Me: Blessed Be.

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