Friday, September 23, 2011

The Nature of Today's Energy 9/23/11

  The Five of Wands.
Not every card in the tarot deck is positive and not every card is negative. The interpretation of the card is based off of our perception of reality. If we see the glass half empty then guess what? It is empty. If we see the glass half full then guess what? The glass will be full. This card is a number five which means change. It can be a destructive change or a subtle change. It depends on your outlook. It depends on your intent. It depends on your thoughts. With every conflict in life there is a lesson to be learned. With every experience in life there is a change. With every change there is a rebirth of our former self into the new. I want to let you know that when things seem rough or hard at times. When you think you can not take anymore. Look up at the sky and remember that you are blessed with the sun. You are blessed with the blue in the sky, the green in the leaves, the white in the clouds. Understand that it is just a moment in your life that will eventually pass if you allow it to take place. Understand that with every step you take towards the conflict is one more step closer to the end of it. I would advise you to sit for a while in silence while the conflict takes place and breathe. Know that you can handle anything that is put within your path and also that any choice you make will lead you to greatness.

  All the relationships in my life contain worth and value.

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