Saturday, September 24, 2011

The Nature of Today's Energy 9/24/11

I picked this card again as a lesson card. I decided to re-post an older blog. Keep moving forward with your process.
   The Lovers.

From the Emperor to the Lovers. From the Lovers to the Emperor. What are the spirits trying to tell us? What could be the lesson? I turn to my spirit guide....
"You are over thinking this lesson. You are trying to put them together, when they are separate. Look to the West for your answer. Look to the End of things."
She does not speak of anything else. What do I get from this message. Well, I understand that relationships are always around us. We sometimes look to them for clarity. We sometimes cling to them for identity. I am advising you to let go of the relationships that no longer bring you happiness. Let go of the relationships that bring you down. Let go of them and move forward into the light. Move forward with love. Know that it is right around the corner and it is waiting with arms wide open. Imagine a person waiting for you with their arms wide open. Ready to hold you through the good and bad times. Ready to nurture you for once in your life. Ready to love you for who you really are. For all you are worth.

    All the relationship in my life contain value and worth.

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