Wednesday, January 18, 2012

The Nature of Today's Energy 1/18/12

  The Ace of Cups.
This is the element of water. This is about love and relationships. When I see the Ace of Cups, I think of a new relationship. A new beginning with someone else. A start of a friendship. The Ace of Cups talks about the first step we take on our journey of hope and love. We dive head first into this new relationship and hope for the best. Since the Hermit is coming into play as our lesson card, we are going to take all that we have learned from our past relationships and apply it to this one. We shall weed out the things we did not want in our last relationships and move forward with the things we do want. No matter what happens, the Universe always brings us exactly what we need due to the choice that we have made. Sometimes the choices we make regarding love can give us a lot of lemons. It can be the beans that create our beanstalk. It can be the evil stepmother that leads us on our adventure to find love. To keep hope alive. To move forward with getting what is needed and becoming our own hero.

Blessed Be.

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