Thursday, January 19, 2012

The Nature of Today's Energy 1/19/12

  The Hierophant.
So many lessons this new year. We are heading into known territory. We have gone through this lesson before. We return to familiar places with new thoughts and information. We return wiser. But are we ready for this return? Can we handle what comes next? Return to tradition. Return to something familiar in order to comprehend that new you. Are there any changes that you like? Do you not like the new you? Do you wish to return to the old self and live in self pity? Do you want other people to treat you like dirt? You move forward with so much speed that your body needs time to catch up with your soul. I advise you to return to the familiar place and sit in your thoughts of change. The body will eventually catch up and you will feel complete again.

Blessed Be.

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