Saturday, June 23, 2012

The act of letting things take place.

So, I am going to let such great things take place within my life. Sometimes I stop the flow of energy within my life by advising myself that I am limited.
That without the funds, I can not do. You must move forward with great intent. Do you want to have fun and do wonderful things?
Of course I want to have fun. Well then let Source guide you. What if all I had to do was take this moment....
Even now I am scared. What if I can not do this, or what if I can not do that. It comes down to me being not worthy of what is to take place.Who cares?
Really I must let things simply happen. Let them unfold within my presence. Take one step and then the next. You can not jump two spaces ahead of the situation. Breathe and remember that I am love. I am joy. I am full of light. God is good and therefor I am good. We are all good. I will allow such great things to take place within my life at this very moment, at this very time. It is time to get up and walk. Walk past the fear, pain, and anger. Walk right into your delight. Walk right to that open field of joy and peace. Walk right to your state of happiness and sit for a while. Enjoy.

Blessed Be.

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