Sunday, June 24, 2012

The Nature of Today's Energy 6242012.1

6-24-2012 Sunday:

   The card is a major arcana card known as Strength. The hidden energy card is The Star.
The two cards can be something so simple as Hope and Faith, or be a paragraph within our Book of Life.
Since they fall on a Sunday, a time of rest and relaxation, they are advising us to be ready for the coming week. How can we do this?
We must cultivate and understand that at this very moment you are worthy of all the great things within your life.
We must look to the small miracles that pull together and create such great circumstances. What if you decided to just let Source guide you?
Where you would be?
I know for a fact that if you let Source take over and guide you on this wonderful day, you will be living within that good life that you wish to have. You will be set on a course of action and faith, rather than worry and doubt.
I am not advising you to fully do this. I am advising you to give Source a chance. Let Source drive for a while and see where you are taken. You may end up in another state.
You may end up on a great journey.
You may just find yourself in love, with that perfect job, on that perfect day. You may find that if you let go and let Source take over, you will be exactly where you are to be at that very such a great life that it takes your breath away.

Blessed Be.

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