Saturday, June 23, 2012

The Nature of Today's Energy 6232012.1

6-23-2012 Saturday:

    The card is the Nine of Swords. Remember I talked about this card at the beginning of the week. Do not let things get you down. They are only circumstances that have been brought about, due to our thought process and the knowledge or limitation of our self worth. It took me all week to understand this card, to change my thought process from one of negativity to a positive state. Maybe this was the lesson of the Nine of Swords.
I woke up with great joy because I am choosing to move forward with my life. I am choosing to be this great person, in any situation that is manifested.
I woke up with a thought:
  I am not afraid.

I am ready to live within this life in a positive manner. This past week I had this feeling, as if something was missing, and then it hit me. I was not stressed, worried, or doubtful. It seems that my body was missing these negative emotions within my life. So, I recognized this action, took it into my being, and released it.
I am moving forward with my great life. I know that all things will take place in my favor. I know that everything will happen for a reason, and it shall be good.
What a wonderful thought. That no matter what circumstance is given to me during this day, for we can only think of today, it shall be good. The final outcome will contain such joy and happiness.

Look to the Nine of Swords as a positive card. It may contain a picture of a negative aspect, but in the end it speaks of our ability to move forward to the Ten of Swords. This is the card of ruin. We wish to reach the end, in order to see the new beginning.

I was talking to my friend the other day, and I am seeing this wonderful pattern within this thing called life.
Light bringers go through this time of distraction. A time of great stress, frustration, and discouragement. No matter what happens we must understand this emotion, take it in, and release it. We must keep moving forward after our time of complaining. It is okay to be frustrated, we are only human. The big picture here, is that the Universe is distracting us, so that this wonderful and great circumstance can take place. When you feel like you can take no more, know that something wonderful is happening behind the scene. There will be an answer very soon and you shall be part of that wonderful card known as The Empress. You will be abundant. You will see light again.

Blessed Be.

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