Friday, June 29, 2012

The Nature of Today's Energy 6/29/2012

6/29/2012 Friday:

Now, we move into the Six of Wands. It is the card of victory, but sometimes that victory can be short lived. This card is a minor arcana and deals with everyday issues within our life. Small victories can lead into a bigger one, but we must remember that everybody wins here.

The hidden energy card is The Fool. It is speaking to me about a new journey that we must take, for Source has advised us that we are ready. Remember to hold strong to your dreams and understand that everything happens for a reason.

The journey exists, because you exist. You create the road.
You add details to your background. 
You place the boulder on your path.

The card is talking about the new journey we have started in our life. After the destruction comes clarity. Now we pick up our things and walk on. Some may sit next to the mess and wonder why, where others may decide that a time of grief is not needed.

I think the greatest lesson the card is telling me is that:
  We are still alive.

So, push forward and enjoy your life. You are awake today. I am living.
I exist! I am still here!

I am alive and that is the greatest victory in the world.

Blessed Be.

As I contemplate on this card for the day, I am thinking that Victory can be short lived. All of the acts within our life is a victory, for we are choosing to move forward. It is when we are not moving forward that we worry, have doubt, are afraid, or stay stuck in one spot.

I am not saying that not moving is bad, I am just reminding you that even if you think that nothing will take place if you stop and wait, well you are mistaken. Time marches on and all we are doing is avoiding the hurricane that awaits us at the end of our journey. Create victory in your life, and face the hurricane head on. What you may find out, like Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz, is that the hurricane may just take you to a wonderful place and time.

Your journey may lead you to kill the wicked witch, our Ego, and have you realize that you can choose to go home at any time. You have all the tools needed to create that home. That place of comfort. You will return, to reality, with the knowledge that you gained on your small adventure, and you will push forward through any obstacle that is on your path of greatness.

Blessed Be.

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