Saturday, August 11, 2012

The Nature of Today's Energy 8/11/2012

8/11/2012 Satureday:

Death of our Ego....

What would that entail?
Would it be that we, as a human race, would be able to love without boundaries or judgement? That every color, size, and shape is accepted as the norm?
Transformation can enter into your life at any time. The card Death is associated with transformation. It is the space in between seconds.
Transformation may look like it is taking a while to happen, but remember that it has to begin at some point. The process is what takes a while. You may have to struggle a little, but always remember that it is just the change happening.
Transformation is the beginning and the end result. Everything in the middle is just details.
Details about our journey.
Our Ego may be a sign stating that we have to turn back.
I was thinking about the scene from the movie "Labyrinth", where Sara and Hoggle are walking down the corridor of impending doom and the walls are all stating "Turn Back. Beware. You will die if you keep walking forward".
I view this as our Ego.
The last wall starts to make his statement and Hoggle states "Shut up".
The wall begins to whimper "Oh please let me say it. I haven't done it in so long".
Hoggle then says "Oh go ahead".
The wall states how the path ahead will lead to certain death and then thanks Hoggle for letting him say it.
This is how I view our Ego today.
It will try to state the same old statements of doom, but being that we have already begun our state of transformation, we move forward and state "Shut up".
We are kind to our Ego and allow it to make its statement but no matter what our life still pushes forward.
Be like Hoggle today and brush off the warning signs. Follow your intuition and move forward with your love.

Blessed Be.

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