Sunday, August 12, 2012

The Nature of Today's Energy 8/12/2012

8/12/2012 Sunday:

Disruption within a relationship can cause the love to stop flowing.
Today is about the process of that disruption. Remember when we are in a state of disruption, we are not in alignment with our Source. Our body may be in tact but our spirit looks like a puzzle box. It is in many pieces that you have to slide into place in order for you to understand what the picture means.

Relationships are part of our life, so instead of wondering why things are happening, or when you will fall in love. Why not focus on the fact that you are loved. Who can love you better than yourself. A relationship needs to start with you. This took me a long time to understand. I would wonder why things were not working out. Then one day it hit me. If I am not happy with who I am, and if I think less of myself, then so will everyone else. We are all just reflections of the One Source.

Now is the time to push the pieces together. Bring yourself back in alignment with your true self. With Source.
Know that you are loved.
When you understand this, then all things will make sense. Actually you will find out that love was always there in front of you. That the person you are looking for will be revealed.
I guess I am on a "Labyrinth" kick right now. So let me use an example of what disruption can do with Sara's life.

As she walks in the outer walls of the Labyrinth, she is starting to wonder if there is an opening to the center of it. She begins to cry and gets frustrated, causing her to be in disruption. The pieces need to be put together and at that very moment of despair, a small worm states those magical words "ello".

Sara looks up and strikes up a conversation with the little worm who asks her to tea. Sara refuses and states that she is wanting to enter the Labyrinth. The worm advises her that she only needs to walk into the wall set before her. She is hesitant but follows the instructions and finds out that the answer was there all the time. She just had to be told that the impossible is possible. The pieces were put back together and she could move forward. Everything made sense at that moment.

This is how we should view our relationships and love. We need to listen sometimes to the small worm within all of us. For that worm was her spirit guide. Though it was small and tiny, it carried such great information. Sometimes the greatest gifts come in small packages.

Blessed Be.

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