Tuesday, August 21, 2012

The Nature of Today's Energy 8/22/2012: Commitment and Hope

8/22/2012 Wednesday:

The navigation of our heart within a relationship can lead us down a path of memories. The Star can be viewed as a mirror. The intent can be placed within the Universe and in turn it is shown to us in different forms.
Sometimes the relationships we hold dear can be simply a reflection of what we want to be or what we wish to have within our life.
Relationships have to move forward or they get lost within the shuffle.
They seem to slip through the cracks and we lose out on a wonderful gift that the Universe has given us. The ability to be loved.
Funny when one is faced with love, if it does not show up in the silver box with small symbols that state "This is it", then we look past the gift of love from another person.
Remember that if they desire to be with you and give you everything you want without asking, then that is compassionate love.
If there are rules and standards attached to the gift of love then you are going down a path of destruction. Do you wish for this destruction to take place?
I know that I always ask for change within my life that will lead me to grow in nature.
I also know that I will not sacrifice my self worth in order to move forward in life. Source does not require us to give up a piece of our existence in order to receive good. Source also does not want us to love with boundaries.
One must give with out the expectation of receiving. Remember your dream is there and Source is advising you that it is within the minds of all people. Are you willing to follow it and believe or simply give up because your Ego has caused you to believe that you can not achieve it?

Blessed Be.

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