Thursday, August 23, 2012

The Nature of Today's Energy 8/23/2012: Sacrafice and Intuition

8/23/2012 Thursday:

The Hanged Man and The Moon can mean a lot of things. Sacrafice of the person that we are and the journey that is needed to be taken in order to become that person can be hard at times.
The road ahead of us can seem dark and gloomy, but it is the way we look at it that makes it so.
What if the Sun was shinning down on you and you still saw only the shadow parts of your life.
Would it influence the nature of your path?
I understand that....

Sometimes this can be difficult. To write so many words in such a small frame of time.
Time can be tricky. It will try to weigh you down and make you think that there is a limit on the project at hand. What if I gave it all up?
Sleep seems to be the most important thing on my mind at the moment. Sleep and work.
Work is also intertwined with my happiness, for if I am not working them I do not feel productive.
Is this a belief that was handed down to me by my
I have come to understand that if I am not moving, then I am choosing to allow outside influences to create my environment. If I move and try, fail, and then get back up again to do something else, then I am co-creating with Source.
Faith is required within my life, because it allows me to understand that whatever I do, produces a circumstance.
Circumtance is just an experience that is created by an action set in motion by our thought.
Our thoughts can be of Faith nature. Our thoughts can cause us to sacrafice, but what are we really giving up?
I know that I am willing to give up anything that does not serve me at this time. I am willing to sacrafice anything that is causing me pain and heartache. I am willing to sacrafice everything in order to be within alignment of my divine plan.
To pick up my things and walk. If Source gently nudged me to do so, then you will see me on the side of the road with a little napsack in hand. I will begin the journey of The Fool again.
That is okay.
Sometimes the journey is about giving up so much within your life that does not serve you, because one needs to understand what it means to be empty. Truly empty. To the point where there is a lack of tears within your eyes. Where the pain is no longer pain. It is just an emotion.
Use your intuition and move forward. Kinda like the game piece on the board. You know that the dice has been rolled, but you also know the count of the spaces that need to be taken. Damn! "Go directly to jail". You see it coming, but yet you hesitate.
My advice is to go to the jail space, sit and relax, meditate, and start your turn over again. You think that if you were to take a detour, that your life is over. You will forever be in that space. Not true. Understand that this where Faith comes in.
Know that there is something wonderful that will take place. You will eventually get to roll the dice again and maybe you will get to land on "Free Parking". Maybe...

Blessed Be.

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