Wednesday, August 8, 2012

The Nature of Today's Energy 8/8/2012

8/8/2012 Wednesday:

Cards can be read in different ways. When I pick two cards, regarding the energy of the week, I pick one at random, and the other is done by method of numberology. Both can give great insight into why things are taking place or how to take advantage of the good within your life.

What can sometimes happen, is that the cards can be read together or separate. It is all up to what my spirit guide states to me or what feeling I get when reading them.
For instance, when I look at the cards I go off of first impressions.
What do I feel?
How does the picture affect my life?
What could the cards be speaking about?

I think of these questions and then I wait for my spirit guide to advise me on anything else.
Today speaks about the beginning of abundance, or rather the manifestation of my desire into reality.
Remember I advised earler in the week that we had to focus on our desire and know that the Law will make it happen. Today you will see that desire take shape and form, but the Hidden energy card speaks to me about the Faith that is needed....Wait!

It is all about how the thought or desire is presented to you or me. It will not be what is expected. It will come into our life as a small gesture or grand performance, but it will be hidden within the background. Kind of like a movie, you view it the first time and see only some of the details and grand movements within it, but when you watch it the second time, you start to notice the lovely detail hidden within the background of the picture.
This is how Source presents your desire to you. All of the steps and situations put in your life at this moment will replay themselves later, when you reach your goal or find what is wanted.

I will look back and understand that small acts of Faith will lead me to exactly what is needed. Today is about taking those small acts of Faith and running to the finish line. Abundance is always there, I just have to acknowledge it.

Blessed Be.

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