Sunday, October 14, 2012

The Nature of Today's Energy 10/14/2012: Movement and Universal Law

10/14/2012 Sunday:

If yesterday was about taking the steps necessary to move through the change, then today is about the Law that follows. Everything moves with one great motion. It may happen all at one time or may take years to manifest. The Laws are set into motion.
What does the Universe state to us?
The Universe advises us that we are wonderful and great people. We are beings of light. That darkness is only a part of the equation. What we must go through is simply a test. What if I told you that you would always pass. What if I told you that you could never fail. Would you live your life to the fullest? Would you take more chances?
I have.
The choices I am making are now perfect. I let all things come into my existence and live.
That is all you have to do. Is live.
Live and everything will happen in your favor. It may not be what you expect, but it will be just what you need.

I have to admit that writing this entry and the entry for Saturday, was very hard. I only wanted to speak of one simple thing; Life and all it's beauty.
I am sitting within my own victory. I can see things in motion. There is only good right now. There is only this moment and it is wonderful. Can you see it?
The sun shines bright, the wind blows cool, the sky is clear, and the scent of greatness is within the air. I can tell you that there is magic floating around. I can feel it all around. It smells of spells, incense, and chants. Let the energy now flow through all of us. To be blessed. To be loved. To find luck within the unluckiest places. It is there. So take a chance and dive head first into your greatness. Believe me there is a safety net at the bottom of this fall.

Blessed Be.

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