Thursday, February 28, 2013

The Nature of Today's Energy: Memory, Ego, and Depression


It has been a long time since I have written anything and placed it out there for the world to see, and when I state world, I am speaking of those who read my entry and also the Universe. The cards have been calling to me and I have not used them since I have moved to Austin. I recently had a client ask for a reading and I gently dusted off the cards and began my journey once again, with diving deep into the sea of Mystic Signs and Symbols.

I find that everything within my life is good and at times I will try to create drama, in order to feel like something is taking effect. Have you ever stirred the pot of mischief and mishap, just to state to Source "See I told you nothing can go my way". I laugh even as I write this statemtent.

The three cards I picked for today are:
The Six of Cups
The Devil (oh, scary!)
The Nine of Swords

What story does this tell me?

If I tune into the sound waves of the Akashic records, then I would have to say that most of the drama in my life is manifested by what I fear.

The Ego is always trying to get a person to stop right in their tracks, sit on the ground, and pout about why nothing is taking place. Depression is the Ego's best friend and they sit on the side of the road looking to hitch a ride on any little positive thought that swings by.

Sometimes I think of a positive thought related to that of a hippie, in their Euro-van, riding along the 101 freeway. They enter into L.A. and decide to pick up the hitch-hiker on the side of the road. Little do they know that this is Ego in disguise, ready to pour rain on thier sunshine, speaking to them about how the world is full of sludge and mud. Yelling at them to get a life and get a job, even though the Ego has no job, and to stop smiling because death is lingering around every corner. The hippie starts to get side tracked from their point of destination. They can become trapped within the small walls that the hitch-hiker has created. Small walls indeed. The hippie also has the ability to pick up the dirty Ego, provide the best seat in the van, ignore the rant and rave,  and drop the Ego off at his destination.

What would be your choice?

Sometimes we get lost within the shuffle of our life and forget that every step we take is of great happiness and joy. What is our main goal in life? To recognize that which is good. Why do we, so many times, push that which is love and peace, out of our vacinity? It is kind of like pulling the flowers and planting the weeds. Who does that?

I am guilty of planting a row of weeds in my garden. Tending to them as if they were gold and wondering why there is nothing beautiful in my garden. There are times when we forget that the past is the past. It must stay behind us and we must move forward from the experience of where we have been, who we were, and where we have come from. Are you willing to let the past go?

You know, our Ego is the only thing holding us back from creating great things, and it binds us down with toilet paper. Toilet Paper!

Remember when you were a kid and played dress up? If you were going to be a Mummy, you would wrap yourself in toilet paper and at the end of your playtime, break through the bonds. Think of what is holding you down as that same toilet paper, and break through it!

Blessed Be.

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