Wednesday, March 13, 2013

The Nature of Today's Energy 3.13.13: Talisman

The Enchanted Map Oracle:


I decided to use a different deck for my readings. To work with a deck that is not steeped in Tarot symbolism can be difficult. I bought three Composition notebooks, one day, out of impulse. I looked at Brian and stated "Can I buy?"
The funny thing is that he never says no to me and also it is my money that I am using. I do not know why I bought them, but something inside of me wanted to write.
I then went to Barnes and Noble to look at the Tarot cards there. I did not want to wait for a new deck to arrive in the mail, and since we are creatures of wanting instant gratification, I proceeded to look at two decks. The Enchanted Map Oracle and the Angel Dreams Oracle. Both were calling to me.
I asked my Spirit Guide and she stated to buy both. I could not make up my mind. I asked Brian and he confirmed what my spirit guide stated. I still could not decide. I walked around the store a couple of times and finally decided to check out. I asked the lady at the counter if she was pulled to a certain deck. She stated she did not know anything about the cards and then decided that Blue was a great color, which was the color of the Angel Dream Oracle Box, and I was still undecided....

Now let me relate this small thing to the way we process information from the Divine. We sometimes do not listen to the signs that Source is giving us. We look for clarification because we do not understand what is being presented. Really, do we need clarification if we are being supplied with information straight from the Source? Why is it we do not question our boss when information is being presented to us from the head of the company. We look at them and state "Okay". We trust that they are making the best decision for the company and we move forward. Whether it works out in our favor or not, we still process our work and shuffle along. Then tell me this; Why do we question the Universe when we are receiving much needed information, in order to move forward, and then seek confirmation from the human beings around us?
Lesson learned. I should have just picked up the damn decks, paid, and went home. Instead I walked around and wondered, what could be in store for the cards? I have not read for anyone in a while. Frankly I have only had one reading and it was through email. I used the Tarot and it felt Great to do it. I miss being that great spiritual teacher to others. I miss writing about my experience on my journey, so that others do not feel like they are the only ones feeling this way, as well.

Now back to the energy of the day. One card is what I am going to start out with, until I am connected to the cards, and then I will switch to three cards, and so forth.

A talisman can be a powerful thing. The little book that comes with the cards explains that we are on the right path, and she relates a talisman to wisdom. As if wisdom takes on a solid form such as a crystal or necklace.

What were my first impressions with this card, without looking at the Little Book?
I relate the talisman to a pendulum. It swings and sways in the right direction.
I relate it to my spirit guide. She advises me of what is to come.
I relate a talisman to a protection stone. A rune.

Why do people use them?
They use them in order to feel powerful. To feel loved. To bring love to their side.
People make a Talisman, so that they can touch a solid object in order to propel them towards their goal. It is kind of like a reminder string that you tie around one of your fingers.
Be cautious of creating too many talismans, for the energy and the thoughts will become jumbled, and you will be left with a pot full of mixed up spells and prayers. Have you ever fished through a bowl of prayers?
I have, and it was not fun. So many hail marys and our fathers. So many "mote it be's" and "So say I".
A girl can get lost within it. Kinda like trying to find enough vowels in an alphabet soup in order to finish the word, but you can not find an extra A and wonder if your brother got it in his bowl, and he has already swallowed half the bowl. You get all flustered and soon enough, your damn soup gets cold.

Do you want to eat cold soup? Unless we are eating Gazpacho, then hell No!

Remember that the talisman does not contain the energy needed to create. It simply aids the thought process and helps you remember to focus your time and energy in the right direction.
What is the right direction, you ask?

Why, any direction with intent and perception is the right one. That which you give attention to is the right direction. The big question you should be asking is "What am I giving my attention to?"

Blessed Be.

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