Thursday, March 14, 2013

The Nature of Today's Energy 3.14.13: #4 Spirit of Place

Thursday 3/14/2013:

Deciding to write about one card and the influence it has on the energy of today, or rather the influence the energy has on the card, is very hard. I think I am going to apply it to a spread. I did create this wonderful spread which is associated with the seven days of the week and animal spirits. That way there are multiple ways to look at just one card for the day and provide information as to what it all means.

The card of the day is "Spirit of Place". At first I was thinking to myself "how can a place contain a female spirit that looks like mother nature?"
Then I started to write about what the card could represent. I read the little book that came with the deck and it stated that the spirit of a place could be anything. Everything has a spirit. Wow, that was broad.
I really had to take a walk and understand that Mother Nature has many facets to her face and character, but there are four that stand out. I see her as the hot summer days, the changing of leaves in fall, the cold sleepy winter, and the growth that happens at spring.
This card depicts her as Fall.

I had to think about what this card could mean today. Then it hit me.
This card is associated with the production of life. The stage that we are walking on. The stage can have props, a background, and characters, but we set the theme. We create the mood. The spirit of place is everything in the background that we see when the music begins to play...

I want to go further with the meaning. I want to know what a simple card like this could mean? The Tarot goes way deeper into what a simple card can relate to, while this card is simply stating that it is the essence of place. How can I relate this to life?

A map of any nature contains symbols. Maybe it is the color of the ocean. Water is cleansing.
Maybe it is the color of the earth, dark and murky brown. Earth is grounding.
Sky and Clouds passing by.

Have you ever looked up at the night sky, with stars and moon looking back, and wonder what the essence of magic looks like. Does it crackle in the darkest night. Maybe it flows like a river above our heads and at times we can reach out and feel it pass by. Spirit is everywhere and maybe this card is simply telling us to stand still for one moment, close our eyes, and listen. To accept what is being given at this very moment and time. To accept what is known. Then we can move forward with the intent that everything works out in our favor.

Are you allowing the flow of energy to lead you to your good life?
Are you living it right now?
Remember that we can change the environment at any time, but to come to a complete halt takes time to master. Maybe you need to drag your heels in the ground a couple of times to change direction. Maybe you need to take a couple of wrong turns in order to get back on the right path.

One thing I want to mention is that, in Austin, they have frontage roads that run along the freeway, and at every intersection there is a U-turn that you can take just in case you miss your exit. Sometimes we need that U-turn in order to find our way home. Sometimes we need that U-turn in order to find what we have lost. My advise to you is to take that U-turn to return to center. Maybe it is time to groove to the sound of the Universe.

Blessed Be.

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