Saturday, April 20, 2013

The Nature of Today's Energy 4.20.13: Dreams and Choices

Saturday 4.20.13:

The card is the Seven of Cups. The card speaks to me about Dreams and Choices. I am not referring to the items we dream of at night. I am talking about the ones we have during the day. The goals we set before us. The manifestation of that which we desire. Choices are a part of life. They are built into our DNA. We make choices every day and when our ability to choose is taken away, then we start to create a revolution. Viva la Vie!

To live. 

I know that when I day dream in the darkest part of the afternoon, I find that it is not backed up by  a positive thought. I simply wish and hope that it happens. Choices seem to lead me down a path of destruction, but it is always good. 

The hidden energy card is The Hanged Man. Faith. 
Faith is always in the background. We require it. We need it. Some, even crave it. 

The card, of the day, sits in the position of Hummingbird/Energy. 

What is the Universe trying to tell me now? 
What can I relate this to? An example? An experience?

A dream or choice without clarity. The cups part of what is desired. 
Have you ever went to the Carnival and played the Fishing Pole game? The one where you would have a fishing pole that had a clip at the end of it, and when you would cast it across a black wall and pull it forward, after a quick tug, you would receive your prize?
Was it what you wanted?
Sometimes you would get the paddle and ball, a new toy watch, a wonderful little doll, or a teddy bear. Frankly, I always wanted rings and bracelets, like the other little girls would get, but the person who was in charge of this game would always call out that I was a boy, and guess what I got? A damn car or army man. Blah! I wanted a ring! ;-)

So, I would spend my money on the game, until I got a decent prize. This is kind of like the way we make choices and follow dreams without the clarity of the Swords, without positive intent. If all our energy is placed on seven different things, then we get a novelty prize. A small token stating "I played this game and all I got was this lousy tee-shirt". You get the point. 

Now there are other games, such as darts and the game where you shoot water in a scary clown's face. Now, I knew what the prize was every time, and if I won, which was most of the time, I would get to pick my pink bunny or favorite cartoon character, as a prize. I knew that with every win, I would get something that was desired. Something that I could see and visualize. This is a dream or a choice backed up with Faith. You see what is desired and you focus so hard on one item at a time. The others will fall into place, for they are all part of the same package, which is to be content and happy. 
Which is to live a positive life full of love and light. 

What are you trying to manifest within your life? How many dreams do you have on your vision board? Are you giving  your attention to one item at a single time? Are you focusing for five minutes, on each of the 99 projects that are there? Or are you focusing all your love and attention on the goal that is within the heart of the board, and allowing all that energy to touch every ounce of that board? 
The house might come before the family. The family may come before the love. The love may be the last great adventure to be marked off your Vision board. Source is the only one who knows. So, you can either focus on one item or the whole, but you should envision the energy flowing through you and into the world with the intent that all good will come to you. Your dreams will thank you. Trust me. 

Blessed Be. 

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