Monday, May 20, 2013

The Nature of Today's Energy 5.20.13: Dishonesty

Monday 5.20.13:

The stage has been set. We saw the movement take place during the weekend. One prop exchanged for another. 
We move into the week with the intention of finding out the Truth, or rather, to bring the Truth into the light. 

The card of the day is the Seven of Swords. The hidden energy card is Death. 

Transformation has to take place on the inside, in order for it to take effect on the outside. To be reflected. 

There is always a shadow part to each card. Even the most positive card, in the deck, has a shadow side to it. 

The Sun can take on the dark side of Pride. Invincible. To big for our britches. The wax on our wings will surely be melted by the heat of the sun. 

The Seven of Swords speaks to me about lies. The mask that people will have on, when talking to us. 

I was looking at an e-card the other day, and it said, "Oh Lord give me the strength to deal with this fake bitch."

I could not stop laughing, because we find our self in that very same situation, with those around us. I think the e-card was not to be taken in the form of putting on a show, in order to deal with the lies and dishonesty, but it was stating that the person needed the strength to accept that human being, flaws and all. 

The stage is set for a party. The Truth will come out. The story will be told. Those around will be talking about it. It is up to you to determine how it is told. 

Are we playing a game of telephone?

You do know that the message will be jumbled and interpreted in a deceitful way. 

Why not do the talking yourself? Stand up on your soap box and tell the story in your own voice. 

Do not let others do it for you. 

The mask can always come off. The mask does not have to be worn. Did you know that you are beautiful? 
The face you were born with is of light. Shinning in the darkest night. 

Bring the lies into the the light and let them burn. 
Allow the Truth to be left behind. To be reflected in the sunlight. 

The week has very positive cards showing up and will bring the Truth to our side. So start with your own heart. Are you being truthful to yourself? Are you feeling worthy? Worthy of the love and happiness that is within your life? 

I think we forget, at times, that we deserve love. We deserve happiness. We deserve good. To be good. To understand. To sing. To speak up and state, "I am worthy and so are you!". 

I think people need to hear this from their peers. Who knows. Maybe you will start a chain reaction of peace. A chain reaction of love. A river of light that flows through each and every Heart Chakra. That flows through the Universe and returns with the exact item that is needed to advance forward. 

Blessed Be. 

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