Tuesday, May 21, 2013

The Nature of Today's Energy 5.21.13: New Beginning

Tuesday 5.21.13: 

The card of the day is The Fool. The hidden energy card is Temperance. 

When I started to write down first impressions about the card, the phrase "purging of past karma" and the word "healing", came into my mind. 

I wrote down other things such as:
New beginning
first step
moving forward with no regret
new tools are coming 
New orders are being given to us by Source

New Orders. Kind of like in the military. You are given papers for a specific task and then it can be changed at any time. 

What is the new task that we must take on? What is it that we have to move forward with? I think I need to go outside and think for a while...

Sometimes we fear the unknown. 
What will take place. Why are we afraid to speak up? 
Why do we think that we will surely die, if we decide to make waves? 
A wave. 

Remember back in an earlier post, I gave an example of a wave, and how it starts out by it self. Alone in the adventure. We all must start this journey with a single step. One step. One voice. One word. A raising of one hand. 

All things are set in motion. You can allow others to influence your decisions and choices, but it all comes down to your action. Who is taking the step? 

I love people who state to Mystics that having a job in this day in age is hard to come by, and that if you were to speak out, then surely you will be left penniless. Really? 

I usually smile at them and state, "Well then, I would rather live a happy life, penniless, than to live a life of burden, tied to something I hate. "

Sometimes we stumble, make mistakes, and pick the wrong path, but one thing is for certain; we are still loved. 

Source does not leave our side. If anything, Source always has our back. 

This Mystic is needing to take a step. My spirit is feeling very tied down and wants to speak out. To yell out the truth and spit fire. Eliminate the shadow and bring in the light. 

This Mystic is afraid of the change. Afraid to create waves, because no one else is doing it. Maybe that is the answer. I am allowing the thoughts of others to influence my action. My spirit is telling me to jump, run, and advance. My body is telling me to watch out, stop, and keep still. 

I think I must return to that which I know. That I am of light and always within alignment of my Divine Path. 

Blessed Be. 

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